Display Booths Great for Meet and Greet

New Jersey TACF volunteer Manuel Ovando and Luke Banker at the TACF booth at Duke Farms in northern NJ.

Throughout the year, TACF volunteers spend hundreds of hours in booths at various types of shows talking to people about all things chestnut.  One would think that these shows would be great places to sell memberships, but they aren’t.  They ARE great places to talk.  Just last weekend, I spent 7 hours in a booth at the Grand Opening of Duke Farms near Hillsborough, NJ.  I don’t think 5 minutes went by that we weren’t explaining who we are and what we do to someone, or trying to figure out whether a suspicious tree in someone’s yard is an American chestnut or not (usually not).  Thankfully, a TACF volunteer from New Jersey and my son Luke were more than happy to do most of the talking.  It was like most time I’ve spent in a TACF booth – constant interest and constant information exchange.  Before I got home, I had two e-mails (on Sunday) asking for more information about TACF.  Someone even called me on Sunday morning!  So, we are grateful to our volunteers who put in so many hours at these shows and expos telling the chestnut story.  They really are great opportunities.


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