Maine Events

From left, Bryan Burhans, Bucky Owens and TACF Board Chairman Glen Rea enjoy a chat at the Maine Restoration Event in June.

One of the things you do as a field person for TACF, or most any small conservation non-profit, is cover a lot of ground.  Usually one person handles many states and this is true of TACF.  The great thing about it is, you get to see some really cool places.  On June 14, the Maine Chapter of TACF had their annual Restoration Event.  It was held at a beautiful private home overlooking the Maine coastline, which I had never laid eyes on.  Add it to my list of places I want a summer home. The weather was absolutely spectacular, which certainly enhanced my desire to move there.  After listening to enough of us relative southerners oohing and ahing, the natives reminded us of the “w” word – winter.  Earlier in the day we checked out a large breeding orchard being shepherded by local volunteer Larry Totten and other volunteers.  When the sun went down, the bugs came out and the party ended, but it was a great event and raised valuable funds for Maine’s projects.  Congrats.


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