The Chestnut Army – I’m a Soldier

Today is my last day working for The American Chestnut Foundation.  I am extremely grateful for the chance I was given to work for TACF – I learned a ton and met so many wonderful people. I can’t say enough about TACF.  I also learned that after 20 years of being a wildlife biologist prior to coming to TACF, that’s what I am.  I missed working on wildlife habitat projects and issues, so I am going back to doing that as a consultant.  As such, I am anxious to promote chestnut reintroduction with landowners of all kinds, whether it be establishing pure American chestnut plantings or getting folks involved in the sponsor program.  My hunting club in PA is already well into establishing both pure American chestnut on our 350 acres and we sponsored a TACF event and have some B3F3 trees growing too.  It’s a lot of fun and I can’t wait to work with TACF to get more folks involved.  Thanks to all of you who showed me kindness and support TACF in a variety of ways.  I’ll be around…

Mark Banker


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